A comparison of shane by george stevens and pale rider by clint eastwood

He mingles with the bad guys plenty of times, but rarely ever with a shooting iron.

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As the wealthy owner contracts a group of outlaws as hired gunfighters led by John Russell who also acted as villain in Rio Bravo to kill miners. This was vital to the character since it helped create the enigmatic figure that the Preacher was supposed to be.

Shane (George Stevens) 1953

It is well-acted, well characterized, has plenty of action, and is overall a great achievement. This became particularly evident when the Hood is trying to bribe the Preacher with an offer of a church in a rich town. Frank Freeman for a list of available actors with current contracts; within three minutes he chose Alan Ladd, Van Heflin, and Jean Arthur.

Enter this Rip-Off, overrated and completely Styleless Movie. There is great solemnity in most of the landscapes that appeared on western film even becoming poetic and symbolic for some directors.

Wilson spreads menace and evil He looks like a weathered, tough baddie, much in line with the impression we have of those times as provided by Hollywood, who had dealt with many situations such as these with a cool, ruthless hand. This film is awful--not only as it stacks-up against SHANE, but also as it stacks-up against everything else that Eastwood has done.

Even with due consideration of this fact, the cinematographer could still have made more creative use of camera angles to negate this limiting factor. This could be construed as a lack of originality, but it was ideal for the story. In addition, he had the two principal shooting victims—Palance and Elisha Cook Jr.

Look out for Richard Kiel in this one he played Jaws in a couple of Bond films and Sean Penns brother Chris, who was a lot thinner in those days!

Certainly "Shane" is a romantic film, and yet it is full of integrity about time and place People always sympathise for the young.

The film proved surprisingly successful upon its release and became Eastwood's most commercially successful film up to that time. It received very positive reviews, with many critics praising the feminist aspects of the film through its explorations of the physical and psychological consequences of rape.

It is only when the conflict starts to emerge that things get worse and worse until the ending. Eastwood was also cast as Two-Face in the Batman television show, but the series was canceled before filming began.

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There was no dialogue which accentuated their malevolence - talk did not interest them. Where are the good westerns these days? Furthermore, I would also like to emphasize the work of two actors whom I also admire.

In "Shane we have the squatters versus the cattlemen; here its between the powerful miner and the "tin panners". Alan Ladd himself said on Stevens: His dialogue, with assistance from a menacing voice, mirrors his appearance?

But an outraged amateur can never beat an accomplished professional The cinematography is most of the time, dark and eerie. The Hood speaks with an educated tongue, but his desperation is apparent as the Preacher stands his ground. The adventures that unfolds before her would have a greater impact on the audience since the struggles of a child will touch the audience more than that of an adults.

Although many of its elements are quite similar to other westerns; its approach and positioning on certain matters are not. After its release, the Western genre was saved and brought back to life for several more years. Particularly, in the scenes involving the preacher and a gold-mining family.

Pale Rider

It had been quite some time since the movie watching world had witnessed a damn good Western, so it is obvious that Eastwood, knowing the genre inside out, felt it time to remind all and sundry about this engrossing genre and all its little peccadilloes.

It literally took their breaths away, specially because quite intelligently violence has an isolated presence and so its impact was much bigger.

Clint Eastwood seems a little unsure of how to approach this character. A manipulative Movie is an understatement.

He just re-visioned it. The supporting players were as pale as the rider.Shane and Pale Rider, both western films involve heroic characters that come to save the towns.

Shane, a western movie, produced in by George Stevens, was followed by Pale Rider was created thirty-two years later by Clint Eastwood who actually starred in the film as the hero, Preacher. A Western Sense of Place: The Case of George Stevens' Shane Particularly notable in this respect is George Stevens' movie Shane.

not only to the Clint Eastwood remake fromPale Rider, but also to the production, the 'post-Western', or even 'anti-Western', Hud. Tips, use query like this to get relevance result: "artist - song title".

Acclaimed director George Stevens' legendary rendition of the quintessential Western myth earned six Academy Award. nominations, and made Shane one of the classics of the American cinema. This myth of the Old West was somewhat copied in Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" where a lone gunman comes to the aid of the good settlers.

The Best Western ever made. And so my first memory of film is watching George Stevens' 'Shane' in I have rewatched it countless times since and read Jack Schaefer's novel even more times than I can. Shane is a American Technicolor Western film from Paramount Pictures, noted for its landscape cinematography, editing, performances, and contributions to the genre.

Clint Eastwood

The picture was produced and directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by A. B. Guthrie Jr., based on the novel of the same name by Jack Schaefer.

A comparison of shane by george stevens and pale rider by clint eastwood
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