A critical evaluation of british airways

The purpose is to produce orderly results not change. Finally, the changes in the environmental policies on pollution and energy conservation is another challenge that increases the cost of operation British Airways, Considering the changes in the environmental policies, the organization should embrace innovative ways of reducing the waste and other environmental unfriendly wastes French,p.

British Airways Current Strategies The British Airways has embarked on strategic formulation that is expected to earn the airline a competitive advantage in the market today Michel,p. Diversification and Market Development can be formed together for British Airways.

British Airways has flights to more than destinations along with codeshare and franchise partners- carrying close to 33 million passengers. In addition, the struggle in the global economy and high competition in the industry has led to some of the airline closing their businesses that increases the market demand for the British Airways.

The fluctuation in the oil prices has also affected the airline industry. Diversification Strategy This process involve the introduction of new products in the new market.

Political The air control measures security concern has been the main political factor that influences the airline industry since the September 11 attack. The issues they raise take long before being implemented in the organization.

Furthermore, the other strength of the British Airways is the most powerful airline in the United Kingdom region in terms of the financial size and the stabilityBritish Airways British Airways will need to start considering the option of focusing on bringing more value towards services that are related to business customers.

Apart from that, heavy regulations on airline schedule and a limitation on scheduled passenger flights above United Kingdom region have also affected operations for most airlines operating inside the European continent. It is about change. The fit or contingency approach that can be found in Fombrun et al is based on both internal and external fit and focus on selection, appraisal, development and reward.

The strategic evaluation is important in allowing for the strategic implementation to be one that has satisfied the needs of the strategic formulation. The fit model Torrington, Hall and Taylor recognises the important of the human resources employees in the achievements of the company i.

The purpose is to produce orderly results not change. This indicates that the airline requires changes and strategic moves to ensure it remains competitive in the increasingly competitive environment John,p. For the right strategic options to be identified, a TOWS matrix will be suitable for the formulation process.

To deliver these objectives five main streams have been developed to build the business plan i. Pricing Strategy For its established service, BA tries to maintain the price since getting into price wars could lead to a great loss and, in turn, increasing price would make the airline lose out on its competitive advantage.

The impact of corporate strategy on human resource management, in J. They should make out the possible utilization of strengths, minimize the organizational weaknesses and make use of arising opportunities from the business environment and market while not ignoring the concurring threats.

Positioning Strategy This involves the process of creating distinctive perception and attitude in the mind of the consumer about the advantages on using the service from the organization.

Market Development This could be done through the process of selling the existing strategies to the new or freshly opened market. The market for such a product is extremely competitive while growth in the market is easily achievable as customers who are spoilt for choice are increasingly aware of the different advantages that different airlines provide.

Malathi, K Activities of Management and Leadership: Benchmarking for Strategic Manufacturing Management. The legislations and policies being introduced are increasing the operation cost of the British Airways hence the need to identify their impact on the airline cost.

It is important that Burberry management the describes of business government while applying any new technique so as to prevent issue passions that will cause to misunderstandings and it will create the modify occur more effectively.

It is no more a novelty boasted by British Airways alone. This model has been criticised mainly because of its one-way relationship with organisational strategy. The increase of the operation cost translate the cost of tickets hence the airline should search for better cost reduction functions that will balance the current trend.

British Airways merger with American Airlines underwent a lot of legal proceedings that are both costly and unnecessary distraction from the main business.

Their Star products should be turned into cash cows as the market matures, as minimal investment will turn in higher returns and profit.

Focus 14 on the other hand involves the need to offering a product or service that distinctively serves a niche market that would have little competition.

By design, the model is more focusing to the internal resources than on the external competition e. Leadership - It is concerned with generating a shared vision of where the organization wants to get to, and formulating strategies to bring about the changes essential to attain this vision.

The three strategies include Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Focus. Competitive Strategies for Service Organisations. At the same time the weakening pound against the Euro also badly affects British Airways which happens to be UK based.British Airways Strategic Management.

Uploaded by. analysing the current internal and external environment of British Airways. Through strategic evaluation several important recommendations that the British Airways can focus upon are suggested.

the global economic meltdown has also lead to critical levels of unemployment that has never. of transforming British Airways into the world’s leading global premium airline.

Our investment in our staff, our fleet and Our strategy and objectives our business. 28 British Airways /10 Annual Report and Accounts critical, we will place a special emphasis on developing.

Now that we have a better view on the company’s characteristics, we can develop the two folds of the question, critical evaluation of British Airways HR management and analysis of the fit between the organisation’s human resources and corporate strategies.

of transforming British Airways into the world’s leading global premium airline. Our investment in our staff, our fleet and Our strategy and objectives our business. 28 British Airways /10 Annual Report and Accounts critical, we will place a special emphasis on developing.

British Airways has been in operation since s. During the start of the World War II, British Airways and Imperial Airlines merged together and started a new subsidiary company British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

The aim was to provide the long distance international services and to cover the short distance services in Europe. British Airways Plc is an international airline company, carrying more than 33 million passengers worldwide. The company is engaged in managing scheduled passenger and 5/5(1).

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A critical evaluation of british airways
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