An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair

Dreams end and realism begins when Carol takes a thirty-minute walk, inspecting the town, north and south, east and west. Kennicott puts a stop to the romance and makes plain to his wife the kind of life she would lead if married to the son of a Swedish farmer. She is the center of a storm of disapproval and intolerance.

Main Street Characters

Although Bjornstam settles down after his marriage to Bea, he leaves Gopher Prairie forever when his wife and son, Olaf, die. Carol Milford Kennicott, a graduate of "sanctimonious" Blodgett College, with a year of additional study in a Chicago library school, works as a librarian in St.

Aunt Bessie joins her friend, Mrs. To her, it is an ugly, gossipy, narrow-minded village, sunk in dullness and self-satisfaction.

Main Street

The Kennicott family home is outdated and stuffy. Although Carol admires him briefly, she discovers, to her disappointment, that he maintains a defeatist attitude and feels quite content doing nothing important with his life.

In turned down a Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith on the grounds that he did not believe that the novel represented the "wholesome" standards of the selection committee. As a youth in that small, prairie town, Lewis discovered that hiking and reading were excellent means of escaping the ridicule caused by his awkwardness and gangly appearance.

The people of Main Street match the buildings. Carol realizes that she has raged at individuals when institutions are really to blame and that although she is beaten, she has kept the faith. He is buried in Minnesota. Intelligent and vivacious, Carol Milford attends college in Minneapolis and then works as a librarian in St.

Bea also acts as another foil to Carol. The Smails, relatives of Dr. She predicts changes yet undreamed of if the baby lives out a normal lifetime.

Paul for three years before marrying Dr. Unhappy with her life in Gopher Prairie, Carol seeks escape through books and a romantic friendship with a young man named Erik.Sinclair Lewis's novel Main Street is a scathing indictment of life in small-town America during the early years of the 20th century.

The novel tells the story of Carol Milford, a young progressive woman raised in St. Paul, who marries Will Kennicott, a.

The characters of the story, even Carol, are not remembered as Gopher Prairie is. The most famous incident is Carol’s first walk along Main Street, with its detailed description of what she saw.

Main Street Analysis

The book is a comic pageant, a panoramic caricature of a small provincial town. Almost every American town has a Main Street as a matter of course.

Throughout the novel, her marriage to Kennicott endures its ups and downs, although she continues to love and admire him. Lewis loosely based Gopher Prairie on his own hometown of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and the character of Carol on himself.

Read an in-depth analysis of Carol. In writing Main Street, Sinclair Lewis paid little attention to formal plot development. Consequently the narrative presents a series of episodes rather than a tightly constructed plot. Main Street by Harry Sinclair Lewis.

Sinclair Lewis Critical Essays

Home / Literature / Main Street / Main Street Analysis Literary Devices in Main Street. Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. 95% of this book, you could say that Main Street features a limited third-person perspective, given that it seems to follow only the thoughts and actions of one character—Carol.

A list of all the characters in Main Street. The Main Street characters covered include: Carol, Kennicott, Vida Sherwin, Guy Pollock, Bea Sorenson, Miles Bjornstam, Erik Valborg, Fern Mullins, Percy Bresnahan, Raymond Wutherspoon, Hugh, Mrs.

Main Street: Biography: Sinclair Lewis

Bogart, Aunt Bessie and Uncle Whittier Smail, Maud Dyer.

An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair
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