An analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty

Composite Resins, Cusp Coverage, Cusp Reduction, Dental Restoration, Direct Restoration, Endodontically-Treated Teeth, Fiber, Stress Fractures, Resin Composite Introduction The amount of remaining tooth structure following access cavity preparation is one of the most important factors that influence the type and the technique of the final restoration of endodontically-treated teeth ETT [ 1 ], which are generally known to have reduced strength, principally due to the loss of tooth structure as a result of caries removal and access cavity preparation [ 2 ].

The experiment will be carried out fairly, s possible. But the resistance is still increasing, just at a different rate. At a roundabout, you get to where you want to be quicker, as the queue is shorter than in a long motorway traffic jam. If there had been a bigger difference in the resistance values for a length of 12 cm, then I would have received an anomalous result i.

The voltmeter is connected in parallel, to the component desired to measure the voltage going through it.

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Whereas a shorter piece of resistance putty can represent a queue at a roundabout. When electrons move through a short piece of resistance putty, they would only feel resistance for a short amount of time compared to a longer piece. The samples were tested in three groups of 15 A, B, and C.

We used a light coloured box, which would have effectively reflected light from out side around the box. Therefore, there is no need to think of another way to connect the resistance putty into the circuit.

This is exactly the same a saying that V is directly proportional to I. If this experiment was going to be redone, then I think I might use a new battery for each experiment, and record the voltage as constant for all experiments.

There is also only one point on the graph, which is away from the best-fit line. Obtaining Evidence Whilst doing the experiment I tried to use the equipment as safely as possible by not doing the experiment near a water tap, only using the scalpel when needed etc.

The longer the resistance putty, the more obstruction the electrons have when trying to travel through it. This is due to the resistance, being equal to the gradient of the graph, as proved earlier. It was also very difficult to get a good constant contact between the coins and putty.

Here, it takes ages to get to where you are going as the queues is so long, and because there are so many cars. Six attachment housings were placed within the overdenture.

This is seen on the graph after the To explain some of the results where the graph was a straight line we can think about a rheostat. If the graph was a curve with the highest point of resistance with the shortest length, and the lowest point of resistance with the highest length, then the results would show that they are inversely proportional i.

Tests were carried out at 0. This in vitro study evaluated the influence of composite thickness with or without fiber reinforcement on fracture resistance of direct restorations in endodontically treated teeth. The wear of components [ 1112 ] and implant angulation [ 13 ] can affect the retention.

Even though it is difficult to connect the coins onto the resistance putty whilst trying not to change the width of it, it is still possible to connect the resistance putty into the circuit.

When using a rheostat, the current has to flow through a longer length of coil and we see that the current is smaller, showing the resistance is larger. The graph proves my prediction, as the graph is curved and has a positive gradient. Three pairs of implants were symmetrically placed at both sides of the midline.

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This was due to the fact of the resistance being kept constant, through out the readings. When placing two implants for a MITSO, the implants are traditionally located between the mental foramina [ 16 ]; therefore, another factor that may be considered is the inter-implant distance, which is the distance between the two implants.

The experiment will be carried out three times to ensure that average readings can be obtained. Ulysses, who has a big fish, fishes his capo safely? This means that ohms law is applicable, as it should be, as the temperature of the circuit was kept constant, was high voltages were not used.

I did this until I got all of my results, this was the easiest and most systematic way of collecting data for this experiment. Does he reject cirrhosis that heals viviparously?

The null hypothesis of this study was that the inter-implant distance would not affect the retention and resistance of a MITSO retained by two ball attachments when tensile dislodging forces were applied.Mar 15,  · Batteries, Resistance and Current “Battery-Resistor”: Check “show battery” and “show cores”, watch what happens, adjust some variables 1.

Why do electrons (blue dots) move? Draw a diagram of the battery, label the flow of electrons. Factors that Affect the Resistance of Resistance Putty - Factors that Affect the Resistance of Resistance Putty This investigation is designed to look into the resistance of different materials, in this case, resistance putty in the form of wires, and their conducting capability in different shapes.

Thickness, length and temperature are the three factors understood to affect a material's property of resistance in conduction. These factors are also affected by the material in use, though this is accounted an independent influencing factor. All metals have differing properties of conductivity.

length of a piece of Constantan wire will affect the resistance. - Investigating Whether the Surface Area or the Length of the Carbon Putty Will Affect Its Resistance Planning I am investigating of whether the length or the surface area of the putty will have effect on its resistance.

I am going to investigate what factors affect the. Development of Geotechnical Resistance Factors and Downdrag Load Factors for LRFD Factors and Downdrag Load Factors for LRFD Foundation Strength Limit State Design. Reference Manual. Development of Geotechnical Resistance Factors and Downdrag Load Factors for LRFD Resistance Factor Application Issues for Static Analysis of Pile.

To Investigate The Factors Which May Affect The Resistance Of Resistance Putty Essay Sample

There are three different factors, which may affect the resistance of resistance putty. These three factors are temperature, length and thickness. To investigate the temperature it is very hard to make the temperature go up/down in certain intervals, it’s also hard to .

An analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty
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