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This was a much more complex subject than I had begun with. The Marshall Plan was created with the purpose of helping democracy flourish in Europe and it was successful since the majority of the western European countries did not fall under communist ways. First, the initiative must come from Europe, it must be evolved in Europe, and Europeans must be held responsible for it.

The period roughly between and the collapse of the U. Most of all, I would like to thank my mentor, Professor John Cerullo, for his encouragement and conscientious effort to advance both my research abilities and analytical skill set.

Due to their divergent ideologies, each country held profoundly opposing conceptions of what postwar Europe would become.

Congress was reaching its limits on the appropriation of foreign aid to Europe. Without it, our world would undoubtedly be a very different place. In the United States established its official commitment to contain the spread of communism by announcing the Truman Doctrine, which extended American aid to Greece and Turkey to assist them in their struggles with local communist factions.

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President Truman ignited the Marshall Plan. However, it is important to recognize that the Marshall Plan was implemented out of a necessity to combat a dire economic situation, which if left unchecked would in all likelihood result in mounting social chaos and human suffering.

The timing makes sense, too, with many options to be found in free agency and a rich draft class. Officially initiated on April 3,the Marshall Plan became the largest economic recovery effort in human history.

On the basis of a unified plan for western European economic reconstruction presented by a committee representing 16 countries, the U. These requirements were crucial if the Marshall Plan was to succeed, not merely at alleviating the immediate European predicament, but also at providing the economies of Europe an external support from which they could eventually stand on their own.

To meet the needs of both European voters and the U.

Questioning the Marshall Plan in the Buildup to the Cold War

From the start, the Marshall Plan was specifically intended to promote the economic recovery of countries within this area. Because the Plan was designed to appear open to Soviet participation, European voters would be more willing to accept it, and because the Plan was formulated to warrant Soviet rejection, Congress would be more disposed to approve it.

His area is modern European history with particular interests in the Cold War and revolutionary history. Had the voters of Europe inferred this objective, they would have certainly rejected the program, fearing that it would lead to a Soviet-American conflict.

In most participant nations, production had reached or surpassed its pre-war level.

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Marshall, the Secretary of State, and created a genius plan of action. By necessitating intra-European cooperation, the Marshall Plan was creating a scenario in which the economic activity of Eastern Europe would be determined by the needs of the other European participants, not the Soviet Union.

And second, it was imperative that the United States maintain its surplus markets in Europe, specifically in Western Europe because of their future economic potential.

State Department, ; Cox and Kennedy-Pipe, As I explored the documents, it became clear that the Marshall Plan was intended from the beginning to achieve the economic stabilization of Western Europe. The Marshall Plan was unquestionably a product of the former. My research led to the conclusion that the Marshall Plan represents a defensive measure taken by the United States to secure its previously established interests in Western Europe.

If the Marshall Plan actually represented a calculated offensive by the United States against the Soviet Union, it would significantly change my view of the U. This was just too impractical given the political and diplomatic situation in The Marshall Plan was certainly motivated by more than humanitarian goals, but the objective of pushing the Soviet Union out of Europe was not one of them.

Some historians were impartial and others undeniably biased; however, all of them contributed to my understanding of the designing of the Marshall Plan.

Again, there is not an outbreak of whooping cough, only a single suspected case. The most vital piece of evidence used to sustain this claim is in the summary of a discussion on European rehabilitation held by the Policy Planning Staff on May 28, He had 61 receptions for yards and eight touchdowns before a rib injury ended his season in Week The initial design of the Marshall Plan — the adoption of a pan-European framework and permitting of the Soviet Union to partake in the design process — was not intended to represent an offer to the countries of Eastern Europe to choose between Soviet communism and American capitalism.

They see the plan as playing a central role in the emerging Cold War struggle, and some even claim that it intentionally contributed to the tensions that shaped the Cold War.

However, Marshall knew that the U.Exploring the Marshall Plan through Primary Documents Distribute copies of President Truman’s remarks about the need for the Marshall Plan or, alternately, George C.

Marshall’s Commencement Address at Harvard University. Anniversary of the Marshall Plan) includes an article for business people about doing.

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Marshall Plan

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The Marshall Plan and Accomplishments of George Marshall - George C. Marshall was an essential player in the mid twentieth century. His military expertise and planning abilities led us to victory in world war two.

Aug 20,  · The Marshall Plan, officially known as the European Recovery Program, is generally considered one of, if not the, most successful American foreign policy initiative since World War II.4/5(2).

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Exploring the marshall plan essay
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