No sew fleece projects

Folds up into a pocket that can be used as a comfy pillow ideal for road trips. Next cut a 2 x 2 inch inch square out of each corner. When you get to the corner, you'll remove a square of fleece bordered by the tape.

You'll use this as a guide for cutting the fringe. Duvet Cover into Curtains: Continue until you've gone all the way around the edge.

Keep reading to see what I mean. Has ties so it can roll up for easy storage. Yes By Guest Post December 29, found this helpful you could cut out two small squares say 4 inches by 4 inches and sew up 3 sides like a cushion and pop left over scraps of soap inside then sew up the 4th side and put on the soap dish or beside the bath they will lather up quite well for washing hands and wont make a mess of the sink either, they wont last long but at least they would get used Ad Reply Was this helpful?

But you could also make these in any fabric that strikes your fancy. Things You'll Need One and a half to two yards of fleece fabric One and a half to two yards of contrasting fleece fabric, if desired Sharp scissors Masking tape or painter's tape Tape measure What to Do Start by deciding on the size of your sleeping bag.

My church uses the squares and puts a sticky label on it with the information needed for donations for the next year. Use your scissors to cut through all the layers of fabric along the edge to create a fringe.

Reply Was this helpful? Use your rotary cutter to slice off the left side of the fabric on a perpendicular line. We used two, one yard pieces for each blanket. This looks pretty hip paired with those gold cuffs and the adorable denim cutoffs.

And anything she loves, we love. Walmart sells some really inexpensive cutting mats that work just fine. Line it up so the edges match and pin them together. I found an old slipper someone had made my granddaughter years ago, so I just took that as a pattern. This is a quick way to makeover a piece you have at home with the applique made from scraps and involves no sewing!

Pillow is attached making this a great idea for sleepovers and traveling. Place your two pieces of fabric together and pin in a few places to secure.

You need to start with two pieces of fleece. Now they can be fancy too. Finding the perfect phone case can be as tricky as finding the perfect purse, but this case passes the test.

40 Genius No-Sew DIY Projects

Why would you dress up everyone except your pet? No sew scarves are also a good service project. Again, I used a simple knot. I used straight pins, but you may want to use safety pins. If you're making a double-layered sleeping bag, stack the second piece of fleece on top.

Repeat with the top and bottom of the sleeping bag. I just wrote it like I make it. Have your Sunday school class, youth group, or American Heritage Girls troop make warm fleece scarves for the homeless.

You may make these for your own use and gifts, but not for commercial gain. For a complete set, make a no sew pillow to match your sleeping bag.

If you'll be making a double-layered bag, cut another piece of fleece exactly the same size. We love how this burlap utensil holder is versatile enough that it could be used for a casual family dinner or a special occasion.

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Now you have an excuse to keep old t-shirts or go to thrift shops, because you know how fab they can look with a little makeover.Step by Step instructions to make a No-Sew Fleece blanket, brought to you by Your blanket can be any size.

Fleece comes inches wide, so your blanket can be 60 x??? Your finished product will be about inches smaller than the fabric you start with. From no-sew fleece blankets to easy-to-sew pajama pants, fleece is the perfect fabric for your next cozy project.

Shop hundreds of fleece fabrics featuring your favorite characters, sports teams, or trendy patterns to create a personalized gift in a pinch! Double Layered No-Sew "Braided" Fleece Blanket Tutorial It's time to make fleece blankets again!

We always choose a child or two from the giving tree at Firecracker's school to provide Christmas gifts for. No Sew Fleece Cat Bed Instructions Supplies Needed: Scissors: sharp sewing or craft scissors to cut the fleece Ruler: even a little 6-inch ruler is fine to mark the "cut-to" line on the fleece.

Tape: narrow, light-adhesive tape works inexpensive tape that doesn't have much stick, so you can easily remove it when you've finished tying the no-sew blanket.

No-sew ponchos are inexpensive and fast to make. Fleece does not ravel and so there is never a need to sew a hem when using fleece. An adult poncho can fit many different shapes and sizes, which makes the poncho a gift that will please any woman. Here are over a dozen different tutorials and patterns for fleece scarves, some are even made with no sewing required!

Lots to choose from with many styles suitable for both grown-ups and kids.

No sew fleece projects
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