Some dinosaurs survived the biblical flood on the noahs ark

This arrangement enabled dinosaurs to bring their knees and ankles directly below their hips and provided the necessary attachments for very strong leg muscles.

Secondly in Genesis 9: What else might be involved? Creationist scientists contend this assertion stating the theory lacks any credible scientific support. Why are Evolutionists so certain dinosaurs could not have roamed the earth at the same time as man?

The fossil record is filled with the corpses of dinosaurs that were buried during the deluge. He also fixed the shape of the ark as a truncated pyramidsquare at its base, and tapering to a square peak one cubit on a side; it was not until the 12th century that it came to be thought of as a rectangular box with a sloping roof.

The biblical account plainly reveals that God made land animals on the sixth day of the Creation week Gen 1: Some have translated the Leviathan to be a "crocodile," because of the large number currently present in the region.

Noah's Ark

Although many dinosaurs are indeed extinct, it is certain that, if allowed to live as they did before the floodmodern reptiles might reach much larger sizes and closely resemble their ancestors found in fossil forms. This arrangement enabled dinosaurs to bring their knees and ankles directly below their hips and provided the necessary attachments for very strong leg muscles.

Although new species are frequently discovered, discovery is far different from the idea of appearing through the process of Evolution. With such longevity, isn't it only logical to believe that mankind grew larger and taller?

Dinosaurs fit the description of creatures made on the sixth day. In the modern age we see species becoming extinct every year, as we have for many decades.

Living dinosaur Numerous people have reported seeing dinosaur-sized creatures in un-inhabited regions, such as the jungles of the Republic of the Congo, in central western Africa. Dinosaurs were animals that had become corrupted, weren't taken into the ark, and died in the flood. They tell us man first appeared as much as a million years or so ago to perhaps just a few tens of thousands of years ago.

He and his team said they plan to return to Turkey next summer. Exactly how dinosaurs became extinct is as much a mystery for Creationists as for Evolutionists.

Countless paintings and carvings have been found illustrating first-hand knowledge of these creatures by various cultures around the world. What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Should a dinosaur exist today and ever be discovered roaming around deep in some jungle, it would not really affect our understanding of the Bible or our faith.

Their tails more resemble switches. Flood geology Flood geology is the religiously-inspired pseudoscience that rejects the known geological history of the Earth and insists many geological features are the result of the global flood described in Genesis 6—9. Plants and animals died.

Perhaps one of the sauropods? By carbon dating shells found along the shoreline, Ballard said he believes they have established a timeline for that catastrophic event, which he estimates happened around 5, BC.

Tyrannosaur hunting Triceratops Dinosaurs are a group of ancient reptiles that had a set of particular skeletal features. Actually, the fossil remains indicate that they were indeed a highly diversified group, ranging in size from that of a rabbit to tremendous beasts 20 feet high, 85 feet long, and weighing up to 50 tons.

Blasts of heat from a meteor? Snakes, turtles, and most lizards also prefer warmth. For USA tax deductible donations click here. Creationist scientists contend this assertion stating the theory lacks any credible scientific support. His team is probing the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey in search of traces of an ancient civilization hidden underwater since the time of Noah.

However, more recently the the SuperCroc Sarcosuchus has been put forth as the most likely candidate for the Leviathan.

Asteroidal or meteoric climate change would have been just one factor limited in time and place. On every plank was the name of a prophet.

Last year, Ballard discovered a vessel and one of its crew members in the Black Sea. They then suppose the few dinosaurs hardy enough to survive the first years after the flood were probably hunted either for food or to eliminate threats to humans and their livestock.

Lance has served as a youth pastor and in various volunteer roles in and out o However, the crocodile pales in comparison to the description given to the Leviathan.

When thinking of dinosaurs, most first thoughts are of gargantuan, ferocious lizards.

Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard

They are much like the great reptiles [dinosaurs] which inhabited the earth long before man is supposed to have appeared on earth.Based on the Biblical book of Genesis account of history, creationists generally believe that dinosaurs survived the flood of Noah and coinhabited the Earth with mankind for some time.

If this is correct, the contribution of humans to dinosaur extinction should be considered. Warning, Speculation/Extra Biblical sources ahead. Now, I actually discourage taking any of the following as absolute fact, or as biblical doctrine.

One answer they came up with speculatively is that one of the pre-Flood giants clambered onto the roof of Noah’s Ark and survived the Flood. If only Noah's family survived the flood. Some of the details of the Noah story seem mythical, so many biblical scholars believe the story of Noah and the Ark was inspired by the legendary flood stories of nearby Mesopotamia, in.

Aug 06,  · Dinosaurs Were on Noah's Ark, Says Creationist Ken Ham. Share on facebook Share on twitter. Share. Email; created dinosaurs and he told Noah to take pairs of them into the ark before the biblical flood.

What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

Free sign up cp newsletter! created man about 6, years ago and what's more there were even dinosaurs on Noah's Ark Occupation: Christian Post Reporter. Many doubt the biblical story of Noah’s Flood.

To many the story seems a gross exaggeration or a work of fiction. Some dinosaurs were smaller than chickens and how such creatures might have survived the Flood. A plain reading of Genesis reveals that only land animals with the "breath of life" in their nostrils were included on the ark.

The land and flying dinosaurs could only have survived on the Ark, only to disembark at the end of the flood into a strange and hostile world. The barest possibility exists that some land dinosaurs could still be alive, as reported by certain rain-forest inhabitants, but more likely they are all extinct.

Did Dinosaurs Survive the Flood.

Some dinosaurs survived the biblical flood on the noahs ark
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